EN-20 Encoder

EN-20 Encoder
The EN-20 is a two-channel HD/SD-SDI distribution encoder supporting ATSC and DVB distribution platforms via ASI, IP and optional QAM RF transport. It inherits Adtec’s broadcast quality compression, advanced feature set, service performance and reliability in a dense two-channel platform targeted towards broadcasters, cable and IP compression applications. Two channels of audio per video service are supported.

The EN-20 encodes two services multiplexed into an MPTS and concurrently transports them via ASI, IP and optional QAM. Closed captioning and support for Emergency Alert (EAS) are standard.


High Definition encoder

The mediaHUB-Pro 02 is a real-time Contribution-quality MPEG 2 Standard and High Definition encoder. It is designed to support the most demanding Contribution, ATSC, DVB and IPTV MPEG 2 Distribution applications; the Studio version of the mediaHUB-Pro 02 encodes Cable Labs VOD and DPI compliant MPEG 2 Transport Streams. The Pro’s auto-detect HD/SD-SDI video input eliminates the need for user resolution and frame rate configuration. It boasts dual stream on-board audio encoding of MPEG 1 Layer 2 audio including support for Dolby E and Dolby 5.1 passthrough. Optional dual stream Dolby Digital AC3 encode can be added with a simple software key either at the factory or in the field. Standard Adtec transport interfaces include three ASI copper outputs with included support for transport over GIGE. Audio inputs include AES3 Digital Audio, SDI and Analog audio. BISS 1 and BISS E encryption is an option that can be field activated with a simple software key, no hardware required. The Pro’s user interfaces include a comprehensive easy-to-use front panel interface, on-board Web application server for configuration and monitoring plus SNMP 2.0C MIBS. Unique features of the Studio version include a built-in confidence decoder with HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and D1 outputs.

RD-30 Multi-CODEC Decoder / IRD

RD-30 Multi-CODEC Decoder / IRD


The Adtec RD-30 is a hardware integrated received decoder capable of HD/SD MPEG 2 / MPEG 4 4:2:0 decoding. It's Input/Output robustness, feature set and reliability allows it to operate in satellite, terrestrial, IP and fiber applications covering multiple aspects of Broadcast, Digital TV, Distribution, Contribution and Turn-around. The clean Web User Interface, Front Panel and SNMP interfaces provide multiple control options from single user control to corporate NMS integrated control. The RD-30 can be purchased without (RD30-01) or with (RD30-01-LB) an integrated DVB-S/S2 demodulator that supports up to 32APSK with DVB-CI capabilities.

Standard transport stream input/output includes ASI and 2x physical GigE ports. Up to 2x IP receive profiles may be configured and up to 10x IP egress profiles may be defined for IP egress. Standard video outputs include SDI, Composite and HDMI. Standard audio includes two (2) audio PIDs available for processing. Dolby E/Dolby D/Dolby D+ pass-through, MPEG 1 Layer 2, AAC-LC, AAC-HE (v1/v2), Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Digital+ (E-AC-3) downmix decoding. Genlock is standard on all models.

Optional in-field upgradable software keys can also be purchased for the product. Two (2) stereo pairs for a total of four audio PIDs of processing, Discrete Surround decoding, SMPTE 2022 FEC Output, SCTE 35 to 104 Conversion, CableLabs ESAM POIS Interface, BISS E/1 and Service Filtering capability keys are available for both models. The RD30-01-LB can be in-field upgraded to support 16/32APSK, VCM, MultiStream ISI and MultiCAM descramble capability.


Satellite, Terrestrial and IP Distribution

Transport Turn Around (Satellite/ASI/IP to ASI/IP)

Tier Two/Three Video Contribution, DSNG

Teleport Infrastructure

Descrambler with encrypt/decrypt control on unique transport outputs

Demultiplexing/Service Filtering (Multiple Program Transport Stream to Program Reduced Transport Stream)

Radio Decoding

Teletext / Closed Caption Overlay monitoring

AAC and Dolby Surround Decoder


RD30-01 Base Model - ASI Input, ASI Output, 2x GigE Interfaces (2x Input, 10x Output), 1x Ethernet Interface (management), 2x SDI, 1x CVBS, 1x HDMI, 4x AES (2x Audio PIDs usable), 4x Balanced Analog Audio pairs (2x Audio PIDs usable), Genlock/Sync Input, DB9 Relay Connector
* see specification for more details

RD30-01-LB Base Model - Same as above, plus: 4x F-Connector L-Band Inputs (Single Tuner Switched) and 2x DVB-CI CAM slots
* see specification for more details

Available Software Options:

M2/M4-HD-KEY - Adds the capability of HD MPEG 2 / MPEG 4 (1080i/720p), SD is standard.
AUD-EXP-KEY - Expands audio decode from 2 pairs to 4 pairs.
SURROUND-KEY - Adds discrete surround audio decoding.
BISS-KEY - Adds multi-service BISS E/BISS 1 Descrambling capability.
IP-OUT-KEY - Adds SMPTE 2022 FEC IP Output capability.
SCTE104-KEY - Adds SCTE 35 to SCTE 104 conversion and SCTE 35 generation capability.
ESAM-POIS-KEY - Adds CableLabs ESAM POIS Interface capability.
SVC-FLTR-KEY - Adds PID/Service Filtering for MPTS to XPTS turnaround capability.

Available for RD30-01-LB model only:
16/32APSK-KEY - Adds 16/32APSK, VCM and Multistream ISI
CAM-KEY - Adds DVB-CI multi-service (Decrypts multiple services. RD30-CAM-KEY is not required for a single DVB-CI service decrypt.)

Sample Order Recommendations:

HD Broadcasting / TV affiliate recommendation - HD Broadcasting is recommended for the SD/HD IRD up to 8PSK with flexible audio capabilities. Ready for today's TV and Radio Broadcasters. This recommendation is ready to be in-field upgraded as needed.
RD30-01-LB Base Model + M2/M4-HD-KEY + AUD-EXP-KEY

HD DSNG w/ BISS recommendation - HD DSNG is recommended for the SD/HD IRD up to 32APSK with flexible audio and BISS descrambling capabilities. Ready for today's DSNG/Contribution needs.
RD30-01-LB Base Model + M2/M4-HD-KEY + AUD-EXP-KEY + BISS-KEY + 16/32APSK-KEY

RF/ASI/IP Turn Around Adapter recommendation - This is recommended for users who want to turn any input to an IP output. The IRD can function as an adapter (ex: RF to IP adapter) for content that it may not support, such as 10-Bit 1080P60 video. In this mode, video decoding to SDI is assumed not required or SD only. The programs can be demultiplexed / filtered and sent to their individual IP distribution paths. Diagram of Service Filtering can be seen above.
RD30-01-LB Base Model + 16/32APSK-KEY + IP-OUT-KEY + SVC-FLTR-KEY

ASI/IP Turn Around Adapter recommendation - This is recommended for users who just want to turn any ASI/IP input to an IP output. The IRD can function as an 'adapter' (ex: ASI to IP adapter) for content that it may not support, such as 10-Bit 1080P60 video. In this recommendation, requirements assume that video decoding to SDI is not required or is SD only. The programs can be demultiplexed / filtered and sent to their individual IP distribution paths. Diagram of Service Filtering can be seen above.
RD30-01 Base Model + IP-OUT-KEY + SVC-FLTR-KEY

IP SD Video or Radio Decode recommendation - This application is for IP receiving applications of audio only services or SD MPEG2/AVC services with no more than 2 audios. IP Input/Output is included. Only a base model is required.
RD30-01 Base Model

HD Ad-Insertion Ecosystem recommendation - This recommendation is for receivers that live in an ad-insertion eco system at a head-end or studio with external ad-insertion gear. Dolby 5.1 decoding may be required in some cases so the SURROUND key has been added.

Everything recommendation - This recommendation includes all options. The unit is ready for any application in a broadcast environment.

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Soloist-HD Pro Decoder

Soloist-HD Pro Decoder

The Soloist-HD Pro is a broadcast quality High Definition MPEG 2 and AVC decoder. Multi-CODEC decoding has never been easier or more reliable. The Soloist-HD Pro supports GIGE and Hard Drive Transport Stream decoding. Video outputs include D1(composite) with HD-SDI with embedded audio. Decode MPEG 2 SD 422, HD 420, AVC SD and HD video. Audio decoding includes a single stereo channel of Dolby Digital, Dolby 5.1*, MPEG 1 Layer 2 and AAC-LC audio. Output broadcast quality video with embedded stereo audio on the HD-SDI interface. Composite D1 video and balanced analog audio are also supported for legacy NTSC or PAL environments. The decoder can down convert HD 1080i or 720 P to Composite or SDI.


• Data Sheet (PDF)
• Front Panel
• Back Panel (PDF)