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Strong Communications is a New York based contractor providing a wide range of professional communication services to the broadcast, satellite, maintenance, hardware and software, related equipement, government arm forces, related agencies, and private industries. Strong is a licensed contractor over 45 years of combined experience in the industry. Satellite earth station uplink, downlink, and turn around services include remote location or mobile locations transmit data and video application take pride in our ability to provide our customers with quality products and excellent service.
Services include: full intergrating systems, site development, system design, construction engineering, permitting, project management, installation, sales of new, used and reconditioned equipment, equipment rental and maintenance, relocation, appraisals, and FCC licensing assistance and database.
Strong specializes in satellite systems for International world wide and Domestic use, professional video and audio systems, television distribution systems, microwave systems, subcontract services, and RF and private radio networks.
Stong1 Brothers.LTD Communications Service Global leaders in digital satellite equipments. Available one phone call away. Strong1 Brothers Ltd. was established in 1970. Strong1 was as a manufacturer and supplier of satellite reception equipment including Set Top Boxes & IP receivers signal scrambling systems with conditional access. We also supply commercial equipment for the teleports earth station broadcasting solutions e.g. amplifiers, modulators, up & down converters, multiplexers, Digital Media Routers and Playback premier decoders for multimedia professionals, Dual head video graphic cards with MPEG-2 quality and HD delivery over IP. In a short time, Strong1 has become the leader in digital service providing Set Top Boxes international satellite television viewers enjoying sitting back & relaxing clicking remote control channels up & down enjoying entertainment of Strong1 Brothers Ltd technology receiver products. Strong1 Brothers Ltd is an entertainment source for major suppliers of 16 million house holds in North, Central, and South America, Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii.We also built international TX/RX earth station teleports, radios, microwaves, & V Set integrations. Strong1 provides top quality voice over IP, video & data voice over IP, network quality broadcast, telecommunications and Internet technology. Digital MPEG2 MPEG4 MPEG 4.22 Satellite Receivers Set-Top-Box (STB) manufacturers Coax Conditional Access System (CAS) for Digital Video Broadcasting Solutions DTH (direct to home system) satellite dishes suppliers consumer products. Commercial uplink & downlink transmit satellite dish suppliers. Providing complete solutions for FTA (free to air services) Supports embedded conditional access solutions such as CONAX, Crypto works, Irdeto, Media guard/Media highway, Nagra and Viaccess. Common Interface. Common Interface with 1, 2, and 3 slot. PCMCIA. Strong1 Brothers is also a major memory chip supplier for Thomson memory chip. Currently, Strong is embarking on an extensive digital product development program to extend the range to include various CA product and Internet browser STBs via satellite and cable.