1.0M auto motor flyaway system is made of Carbon Fiber Offset Parabolic Antenna and waterproof portable controller, 1.0M Auto tracking Flyaway antenna is a type of Satellite antenna system with high precision and possesses the function of one-key pointing to satellite. From deploy, tracking, pointing adjustment to stow this equipment can finish all these operation automatically.Assembly is simple and no need to align, as well as rapid pointing. Once power off, the user can operate it manually by the hand crank.

STR-ACF-100K Auto pointing Flyaway antenna is mainly applied for government emergency communication department, news media, pubic security, border defense, armed police and military. Such users have high demand for reliability, stability, operability, and three protections. And they often need that the system can provide wider return signal channel which transmits clear voice, high-speed data and real time video, meanwhile keep uninterrupted communication under extreme climate,Strong is a professional Flyaway Antenna manufacturers.


Highly integration



Diameter 1.0m
Operating Frequency Tx 13.75-14.5GHz
Rx 10.95-12.75GHz
Gain Tx >40.7 dBi
Rx >39.6 dBi
Polarization Linear
Cross Polarization Tx >30 dB
Rx >30 dB
VSWR Tx 1.3
Rx 1.3
Power 200W
Feed Interface WR75
Rx/Tx Isolation Rx >40dB, Tx >85dB
Sidelobe First sidelobe < -14 dBi29-25logθ   (1°≤θ<20°)32-25logθ   (20≤θ<48°)-10 dBi (θ≥48°)
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Type Offset antenna
Antenna material Carbon Fiber
Weight ≤15Kg
Captured time automatically 3min
Travel Pointing Range Azimuth ± 100°
Elevation 10°~ 90°
Polarizaiton ±95°
Environmental Specification
Wind load operational 11m/s (free standing unit)20m/s (anchored unit)
Work temperature Indoor -40℃ – +70℃
Outdoor -20℃ – +40℃