10.7-11.7 GHz 2.6Ft Dual Plzd Low Profile Hi-Perf MW Ant

10.7-11.7 GHz 2.6Ft Dual Plzd Low Profile Hi-Perf MW Ant


Product Details

Andrew Solutions specially engineered family of ValuLine Antennas provides exceptional performance and value in a low-profile design. The dual-polarized (VHLPX) antennas are perfect for high density areas where space is at a premium and aesthetics are important.

Andrew Solutions designs and engineers a complete range of point-to-point microwave antennas that help operators to maximize bandwidth efficiency and increase system reliability while minimizing both capital and operational expenditures.

The intelligent design of VHLPX antennas combines efficient beam-forming capabilities with high gain, all while minimizing frequency congestion. Equipped with a painted reflector, each antenna also features a high efficiency feed system, a long life radome, and vertical pipe mount. All are engineered and tested to Andrew’s uncompromising standards.

Polarization Dual
Electrical Specifications
Operating Frequency Band 10.700 – 11.700 GHz
Antenna Type VHLPX – ValuLine® High Performance Low Profile Antenna, dual-polarized
Electrical Specifications
VSWR 1.3
Return Loss 17.7 dB
Diameter, nominal 800 mm | 2.6 ft
Radome Color Gray
Radome Material Polymer
Antenna Input PDR100
Antenna Color Gray
Flash Included No
Reflector Construction One-piece reflector
Electrical Specifications
Beamwidth, Horizontal 2.2°
Packing Standard
Electrical Specifications
Beamwidth, Vertical 2.2°
Cross Polarization Discrimination 30 dB
Front-to-Back Ratio 59 dB
Gain, Low Band 36.9 dBi
Mid Band 37.4 dBi
Top Band 38.3 dBi
Weight 66.1 lbs
Fine Azimuth Adjustment ±10°
Fine Elevation Adjustment ±25°
Mounting Pipe Diameter 50 mm–115 mm | 2.0 in–4.5 in
Side Struts, Included 0
Wind Velocity Operational 200 km/h | 124 mph

Wind Velocity Survival Rating 250 km/h | 155 mph

Side Struts, Optional 0
Wind Forces At Wind Velocity Survival Rating
Axial Force (FA) 1500 N | 337 lbf
Side Force (FS) 743 N | 167 lbf
Twisting Moment (MT) 673 N•m
Weight with 1/2 in (12 mm) Radial Ice 35 kg | 77 lb
Zcg with 1/2 in (12 mm) Radial Ice 305 mm | 12 in
Zcg without Ice 175 mm | 7 in