16M C/L dual band antenna

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Model: STR-LC1600D

strong can offer multi-band customized 16M C/L dual band receive only antenna, this 16M C/L dual band antenna is requested from the customer, we customize it according to the customer’s requirement, and after testing 16M C/L dual band antenna, every specification is better than our expectation.We strong staff also suprise for the testing result. Our joint efforts with the customer won the approval and praise from the customer, strong is a professional multiband antenna manufacturers.

1.16M C/L Dual band antenna function requirements

  • Antenna Diameter : 16M
  • Antenna type: Main and sub reflector modified Cassegrain antenna
  • Antenna pedestal: Kingpost pedestal, Azimuth and Elevation lead screw drive
  • Antenna travel range: El:0~90° Az: ±80° (Three Segments)
  • Polarization mode:
    C-band: Dual circular Pol.
    L-band: Dual circular Pol.
  • Wind Load:
    Operational wind speed for keeping accuracy: Steady wind 13m/s, gusting 20m/s
    Operational wind speed for descending accuracy: Steady wind 20m/s, gusting 27m/s
    Wind speed for collecting the antenna: 35m/s (Drive the antenna to the position of looking at sky)
    Wind speed for preserve: ≤55m/s (Antenna not being destroyed on locking position of looking at sky)
  • Three proofing function:
    The antenna has the ability of moistureproof, mouldproof and anticorrosion; there’s no obvious corrosion in the antenna life time. For the steel parts, adopt thermal spraying zinc or hot-dip zinc processing or sandblasting processing, and then coat antirust primer, finally do the white painting. For the aluminum parts, adopt anodic oxidation treatment, coat zinc chromate primer, and do the white painting on the surface.
  • Antenna mechanical parts life time: 15 years

2.16M C/L dual band antenna Main specification

  • Antenna surface accuracy:
    Main reflector surface accuracy: ≤0.50mm(r.m.s)
    Sub-reflector surface accuracy: ≤0.15mm(r.m.s)
  • Rx frequency band C-band: 3.4~4.2GHz L-band: 1.5~1.7 GHz
  • Antenna Gain(Feed output):C-band: ≥54.5+20log(f/3.8) dBi L-band: ≥25dBi
  • Noise Temperature( Feed output ) C-band: ≤58°K (EL=10°)
  • Antenna Sidelobe features: First Sidelobe: ≤-14dB(C-band)
  • Feed system VSWR (waveguide output): ≤1.30 (C-band)
  • Feed Insertion Loss: C-band ≤0.3dB
  • Circular Pol. Axial ratio: ≤1.06:1 (C-band)
  • Port Isolation: ≥ 18dB (C-band)

3.16M C/L dual band antenna Main interface requirements

C-band: 2 ports,FDP-40(RHCP、LHCP)
L-band: 2 ports,N-50K (RHCP、LHCP)

4.16M C/L dual band antenna Environmental specification

  • Operating-40℃~+55℃(Outdoor)0℃~+40℃(Indoor)
  • Relative Humidity≤100%(Outdoor)≤10% ~ 85%(Indoor)
  • Rain Resistance Rainfall: Maximum 100mm/h
  • Power Supply: Single phase: 220±22V,50±1Hz. Three phase: 380±38V,50±1Hz
  • Anti-seismic: Horizontal 0.3, Vertical 0.15g