Strong-2.4m Flyaway Antenna is a newly designed Ku-band or C band satellite communication antenna. This 2.4m manual Flyaway Antenna is composed of four parts: support legs, antenna host machine, antenna reflector and feed system.
2.4m Flyaway Antenna is satellite communication antenna with the advantage of miniaturization and portability, which can be fallen into seven categories: Carbon fiber in the light of material. The 2.4m Flyaway Antenna can support such communication service as voice, data and fax.

2.4m Flyaway Antenna is available for a wide range of applications, containing remote areas, island, village, oil filed, mina area, finance, transportation, civil aviation, environment, waterpower, electric power, geology, salvage, rescue, and emergency. 2.4m Flyaway Antenna can solve the problem that wired communication, such as electric cable and optical fiber, don’t serve and don’t open at any time,Strong is a professional Flyaway Antenna suppliers.

2.4m Flyaway Antenna System composition

1. Offset reflector antenna

2. AZ&El rotary type


Have superior RF performance through optimized design of reflector and RF branch;

Adopt carbon fiber offset antenna, whose reflectors are with features of light weight, high strength, simple&convenient disassembly and assembly. One person can finish assembly within 5 minutes;

Have rapid and high-quality broadband transmission at any time and place;

The antenna is with high integration and light weight.

Specification for 2.4m flyaway antenna(Carbon fiber)

Diameter 2.4m
Material of main reflector Carbon fiber
Operating frequency Tx 13.75~14.5GHz 5.85~6.425GHz


Rx 10.95~12.75GHz 3.625~4.2GHz


Gain Tx 49.0 +20lg(f/14.25)dBi 41.2+20lg(f/6.13)dBi
Rx 47.2 dBi+20lg(f/12.5)dBi 37.3+20lg(f/3.9)dBi
Feed interface WR75 CPR-229G
Polariation mode Linear
Cross Pol. Isolation ≥32dB
VSWR ≥1.25:1
Port to port isolation(Tx-Rx) ≥85dB
Sidelobe characteristics First sidelobe level -14dB


Travelling range El ±220°
AZ 10°~90°
Pol. 100°
Operational wind 11m/s under free operating status
20m/s mooring system steady status
Operational temperature -45℃~60℃
Storage temperature -55℃~70℃
Humidity ≤95%(30℃)