Model:STR-300CS-R or STR-300KS-R

strong-3.0m SMC prime focus antenna reflector adopts compression molding with the characteristics of high precision, good consistency, and non-deformation. And it also has the features of low density and it is hyperbaric, which is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum. And its compressive capability is 12 times higher than aluminum. Reflector with more pieces combination has the features of good exchanging capacity, anti-corrosion resistance, anti aging and long lifetime up to 15 to 20 years. Specially designed feed is matched perfectly with reflector, which makes transmit-receive reach maximum efficiency. Motorized polar tracking structure can satisfy full orbit satellite cover. And the assembly and adjustment is simple and practicable. The reflector adopts orange peel design which can have the function of waterproof and reduce damage to high-frequency tuner,strong is a professional tvro antenna manufacturers.

Operating Frequency, GHz C-Band Ku-Band
3.7-4.2GHZ 10.75-12.95GHZ
Center Frequency Gain C-Band Ku-Band
39.7dB 48.8 dB
3dB beam width C-Band Ku-Band
1.7° 0.6°
First side lobe -20dB
Cross-Polarization >30dB on Axis
Voltage standing wave ratio(VSWR) ><1.3:1
Noise temperature(30 º elevation) C-Band Ku-Band
26 ºK 30 ºK
Feed interface C-Band Ku-Band
WR75 CPR229
Reflector material 8 Segment Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC
Antenna model Center feed
Feed installation type: Single arm supporting/three pole supporting
Elevation adjustment range 0º-90º continuous fine adjustment
Azimuth adjustment range 0º-360º continuous adjustment
Transportation specification: 220kg
Environmental adaptability
Wind load Normal operation Survival
22mps 40mps
Adaptive temperature Normal operation Maintenance
-40℃ ~ 60℃ -45℃ ~ 70℃
Atmospheric conditions It is applied to damp, saltier and polluted climatic environment.