5.4M L&X-Band Defense Antenna

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STR-5.4M L/X-band Limit Motion Antenna are applied for Telemetry,Tracking&Command/Remote sensing, Deep space missions/Geodesy, Radio astronomy,which is designed and manufactured by strong. It supplies continuous stroke, high speed and accelerated velocity, as well as high pointing accuracy/tracking accuracy, the antenna allow all visible operation for GEO Satellite and LEO Satellite.

Servo drive and tracking system can supply each operation modes, all antennas can equip reflector electric heating de-icing system, include integrating infrared heating rods on the antenna reflector. Antenna pedestal support/tower pedestal can be steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. Tower pedestal can be done as a hub equipment room which can supply electronic equipment.

Except the antenna system is supplied by Strong, all transmitting/receiving electronic products can be customized by the customer; strong has a professional project management team to supply design, producing, transportation, installation, debug, and acceptance test, as well as after-sale maintenance and repair service; strong is an antenna system who provides turnkey services to the customers.

5.4M L/X-band Limit Motion Antenna Specification

Diameter 5.4M
Operating Frequency, GHz L-Band X-Band
Receive Receive
1.50~1.80 8.10~8.30
Gain, Mid-band, dBi 34.5 +20log(f/1.65) ≥50.0+20log(f/8.2)
Polarization Linear Circular
VSWR ≤1.3:1 ≤1.3:1
Axial Ratio —- 1.06
Feed Interface N-50K BJ-84
Port 2-port LP 2-port CP
Cross Polarization Isolation ,dB XPI 30dB on axis XPI 30dB on axis
First Sidelobe,dB ≤-14 ≤-14
Radiation Pattern Compliant with  ITU-R S.580-6
Mechanical Specification
Antenna Type El over Az geometry
Antenna Pedestal Type Limited Motion Antenna
Azimuth ±85°(170° total in 2 sectors.)
Elevation  5°~ 90°continuous
POL. ±45°
Antenna Accessorial Parts and Interface Hot Dip Galvanise,Hempel Paint over Galvanise,Lightning Arresting Rods,Lightning Arrestor down-conductors,Foundation HW.
Antenna Drive Motorized
Environmental Specification
Steady wind Steady wind: 47km/h,gust: 72km/h
Survival Wind peak gust 200km/h
Temperature -20°C~+60°C (Outdoor)
Relative Humidity 0%~100%
Seismic (Survival) 0.3g (H), 0.15g (V)
Rain 100mm/h