6.2M X/KA Dual bands receive only antenna

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Model: STR-XK620D

strong can provide multi-band custom receiving antennas. This 6.2m X / KA dual-band antenna is customer-required. We customize it according to customer’s requirements. After testing, each specification is better than our expectations. Our strong employees were also surprised by the test results. Our joint efforts with our customers have won recognition and praise from our customers. strong is a professional multi-frequency antenna manufacturer and hopes that we can serve more customers. welcome!

  • Specifications
  • a)Electrical specifications
    1 Frequency
    X-band: 7.25GHz~7.75GHz Ka band: 17.7 GHz~21.2 GHz

  • 2)Polarization: Bilinear waveform. / Double round Pol.
  • 3)VSWR: ≤ 1.35
  • 4)Cross-polarization isolation of linear waveguides: ≥30dB (on-axis)
  • 5)Axial ratio of circular corrugation: ≤ 2dB
  • 6)side lobes First side lobes: ≤ -14 dB Envelope: 29-25lgθdBi (1°≤θ≤20°)
  • 7)Obtain X-band: ≥50.1+ 20log(f / 7.5)dB (f is the frequency in GHz) Ka band: ≥58.9+ 20log(f / 20)dB (f is the frequency in GHz)
  • 8)Noise temperature (K) X-band: ≤90K (10° above sea level, sunny day) Jia band: ≤175K (10° above sea level, sunny day)
  • 9)Feed output interface flange X band: BJ-84 Ka band: BJ-220
  • b)Mechanical specifications
  • 1)Diameter: 6.2 meters
    2)Antenna optics: improved circular focusing antenna for primary and secondary reflectors
    3)Installation type: AZ & Salvador’s rotating base
    4)Scope: Azimuth angle: 0~360° Altitude: 0~90° POL: ±45°
    5)Azimuth angular velocity: 0.03 ° / S ~ 0.3 ° / S.
    6)Elevation angle: 0.03° / S~0.3° / S.

  • c) Medium servo control and tracking system
  • 1) Tracking and control methods: step tracking, manual driving;
    2)Position display resolution: 0.001o (AZ and El are the same)
    3)Tracking accuracy: ≤ one tenth of the received half power beam width (MS)
    4)With software limit and hardware limit function, locking and lightning protection device.
    5)Antenna control unit ACU remote control interface: RS232 / 485

  • 2)Environmental specifications
  • a) thermometer Outside: -40 ° C ~ + 55 ° C Internal: 0°C~+ 45°C
    b) medium relative humidity Outside: ≤95% Internal: 10%~85%
    c) Wind load Operating wind speed: stable wind speed 13m / s; gust 20m / s; Collect wind speed (locking the sky): 35 m / s;
    Protected wind speed: In the case of ≤55m / s, the antenna will not be damaged at the collection position and will not be permanently deformed.
    d)rain and snow loading Rainfall: up to 100 mm / hour Snow: up to 60 mm