Data & telecommunications

Strong1 Brothers Corporation Telecom Telecommunications.
The Digital Age is changing the way we communicate and conduct business. Data & telecommunication plays a vital role in connecting and developing the world’s poorest countries by linking their people and integrating them into the global economy, making global markets more accessible. Increasing social and political pressures are being placed on our data & telecommunication infrastructure to deliver large quantities of data and communications more quickly and economically. Strong1 Brothers Corporation is working with key public, private, and global clients to deliver major data & telecommunication infrastructure projects and solutions to meet this challenge.
SStrong1 Brothers Corporation is also working in partnership with global technology vendors, contractors, and end users to ensure the very best skills and expertise are available to our clients. Strong1 Brothers Corporation has extensive experience and a proven track record in the following areas: • Control and Instrumentation systems, railway signalling, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) • Deploying in excess of 500 telecommunication facilities • Design of major data centres • Development of emergency and risk management software, GIS and CTI applications, databases, and end user software • Development of mission critical Information system solutions for infrastructure applications • ICT systems for energy, mining, industrial, and property applications.
Strong1 Brothers Corporation has established itself as a leader in a range of specialist services including: • Design of buildings for hubs, major data centres and telephone exchanges and mobile earth stations and GO satellite or mobile satellite, off set or prime focus antennas RF circuits/connections. • Fibre optic cable and routes design for submarine, underground, terrestrial and overhead applications • Industrial control, telemetry and signalling • Radio astronomy, satellite earth stations and dish antennas • Radio frequency (RF), engineering and microwave transmission design and modelling • Security, closed circuit television (CCTV), master antenna television (MATV), audio visual (AV), nurse call, building management systems (BMS) systems • Site acquisition, environmental and design (SAE&D) services for over 775 mobile base stations covering global system for mobile communications (GSM), wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA), worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMax) and third generation (3G) technologies. Strong1 Brothers Corporation’s ‘whole of project’ approach provides our clients with an integrated service solution to network deployment, infrastructure and buildings for data & telecommunication services