Defence Telecommunication Engineering

Strong1 Brothers Corporation Telecom Telecommunications.

The level of spending in the diverse global defence market has to date been largely unaffected by the global financial downturn with countries that account for the largest share of global defence spending – China, France, the United States and Japan – generally having increased spending or left budgets unchanged. However, the rate of increase in defence spending around the world is expected to slow within the next few years as governments seek to drive cost cutting programmes in the wake of the global financial crisis.Strong1 Brothers Corporation has a long history of providing technical and support services to Defence client agencies and the wider industry. We have an impressive track record in the planning, management and delivery of complex defence projects, and we have membership on a large number of Defence supplier panels.Our diverse teams of defence specialists have considerable expertise in working in, managing and leading integrated project teams. Client outcomes are delivered by having a thorough understanding of design, environmental and planning resources, procurement and management methodology, and delivery of defence capability.

We have designed and executed many defence infrastructure projects in support of diverse Defence capabilities, for example:

  • Air force aircraft for transport aircraft remote telecommunication for monitoring
  • Special forces training facilities and ranges and satellite moniter facility
  • Navy bases and ports using various fleet earth station transmit and receive
  • The construction of army barracks monitoring via satellite and system.

We have also advised Defence agencies and the wider industry on acquisition projects across their capability lifecycle, including:

  • New leading-edge maintenance models for electronic systems
  • Procurement models for logistics and equipment solutions
  • Planning and delivery satellite technology data transnission of Australia including 25 other countries largest ICT training roll out to over 18,000 students in 2010.

The level of spending in the diverse global Defence Strong1 Brothers Corporation Telecom Sector

  • Acquisition and sustainment logistics
  • Asset management
  • Business and decision support
  • Capability development planning and analysis
  • Engineering and technical design
  • Environmental services
  • Infrastructure design, development and delivery
  • Management advisory
  • Procurement and commercial advisory
  • Programme and project management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Simulation
  • Training analysis, design development and delivery.