Deliver High Speed Broadband Services

Fibre route surveys, land access, and acquisition services, telephones brought voice communication.

While the telephone brought voice communication to our homes nearly 100 years ago, and the television brought the world to our living rooms 50 years ago, broadband will deliver unprecedented speed and access to information, applications, and services which just a decade or so ago would have been the stuff of science fiction.
The social and economic pressures being placed on governments and network operators around the world to deliver high speed broadband services is a once-in-a-generation phenomenon.
Deploying large next generation networks is a time critical, cost sensitive and complex engineering process involving many key stakeholders, government agencies, financiers, regulators and the community. Large deployment projects include complex supply chains, contracting arrangements and logistics. Effective overall programme and project management is therefore critical to ensure next generation network projects are delivered on time, on budget, according to regulatory and environment standards, and will meet the commercial expectations of key stakeholders.
Strong1 Brothers Corporation takes a ‘whole of project’ approach to the deployment of Next Generation Networks. From feasibility design, land access, real estate and management to environment, fibre design, data centres, technology choices, quality control and as-built services. Strong1 Brothers Corporation offers a full range of management, technical and specialist resources and capabilities across a wide geographical base to deliver your network.

Our key specialisations in fixed networks are:

  • Site Acquisition, Environmental & Design (SAE&D) services
  • Controlled Environmental Vault (CEV) design services
  • Programme and project management services
  • Risk management
  • Fibre route surveys, land access, and acquisition services
  • Fibre design, RF engineering and CAD services
  • Technology selection, specification and implementation
  • Real estate services
  • Data centre design services
  • Environmental and planning services
  • Civil, geotech, survey, GIS and sustainability services
    Structural, electrical, mechanical and fire design services