Ideal for large scale deployment, the DTA-3050 makes it easy to multiplex and de-multiplex ASI transport streams. It enables incoming programs (SPTS or MPTS) to be built into new program bouquets and allows local content to be added. The DTA-3050 is available with multiple ingress inputs, mirrored ASI outputs and Gigabit for IP transport. Fully featured for ATSC applications, it can also aggregate and process MPEG, Digicypher, or DVB based services for traditional satellite and cable broadcasts.

The DTA-3050 is IPTV and BBTV ready today. It supports multicast and unicast configurations including SPTS/UDP, MPTS/UDP, MPEG and DVB tables. Encryption support includes DVB-CSA with Ethernet Simylcrypt, AES for use with Simylcrypt compatible Conditional Access management Servers (CAS) vendors.


Multiplexes and De-multiplexes MPEG2 Transport Streams

Program Mapping and PID Reassignment

Multiple Program Transport Streams over IP Egress

Advanced Add/Drop Management

DTV Electronic Program Guide

Ideal for Broadcast, At-Home Production and UHD Contribution

GUI, Terminal, Front Panel configuration for ease of use


DVB-T/T2, ATSC Distribution

Private and MSO Cable Systems

Campus, Hospitality, and Education markets


Edge QAM modulation