Newtec Azimuth AZ210 Series Satellite Modulator Redundancy Switching System

AZ210 Series Redundant Switch System

Newtec AZ210 is a versatile 1+1 protection scheme for satellite modulators. The AZ210 is easy to operate and switches simultaneously the input data signals and output IF/RF signals. The switching between the main modulator and the redundant modulator can be done automatically through alarm contacts, manually through the front panel or the dedicated web interface, or remotely via a monitoring and control system.

Fully Automatic

When the automatic mode is activated, the AZ210 monitors the alarm contacts of the two modulators through cable connections. When an alarm is detected, the input and output switches are toggled, eff ectively rerouting the input and output signals to the redundant modulator. The fast switching ensures a minimal service interruption.

IF Switching

In its default confi guration, the AZ210 switches an output IF (75 ohms) signal. A wide range of input and output switching options makes the AZ210 compatible with almost any signal used in satellite communications. The range of options includes ASI, optical, G.703, SDH, HSSI input switches, as well as IF, L-band and RF output switches.

Built-In Monitoring

The AZ210 is easy to operate and monitor. All control and monitoring parameters are available locally on the front panel and remotely through a web interface. It is also possible to control or monitor the AZ210 via RMCP or SNMP.

Key features

  • Dual redundant power supply
  • Automatic or manual operational mode
  • Suitable for any modulator with alarm contacts
  • Switching of ASI, G.703, SDH or HSSI inputs
  • Switching of IF, L-band or RF-band outputs
  • Standalone operation or integrated in a network management system

Main advantages

  • Increases service availability significantly
  • Compatible with any modulator that has alarm contacts
  • High reliability
  • High compactness
  • Easy to operate


  • Satellite Broadcast
  • Contribution and distribution
  • DSNG
  • Any uplink facility