Newtec BWC0900 Satellite Bandwidth Cancellation System

Newtec BWC0900 Bandwidth Cancellation System

The Newtec BWC0900 is the state-of-the-art Bandwidth Canceller unit optimized for data applications over satellite, ranging from IP Trunking, Backbone and Backhaul to Government networks. By combining the forward and return transmissions in the same satellite bandwidth up to 30% extra capacity can be made available. This extra capacity gives room for considerable OPEX savings or deployment expansions by adding services within the same available bandwidth.

Broad Network Topologies

The Newtec BWC0900 Bandwidth Canceller supports a large number of network topologies over satellite, including point-to point links, point-to-multipoint, inclined orbit satellite and mesh networks.

The wide range of configuration options and supported bandwidth types up to 72 MHz makes the bandwidth canceller the perfect fit for your existing or new networks. Increased efficiency to obtain maximum efficiency in the satellite link the bandwidth cancellation technology can be combined with Newtec professional IP modems (such as the MDM6000 and EL470), the Newtec HUB6000 Satellite Hub and and Newtec’s FlexACM.

Newtec FlexACM is the unique and market proven end-to-end solution combining a range of cutting edge technologies to optimize satellite links in the most efficient way at optimal availability. Flexibility and scalability matching market’s business models.

The Bandwidth Canceller is available in three carrier frequency options- (IF70MHz, IF140MHz and L-band) and comes with comprehensible remote management, performance monitoring and logging tools to facilitate quick configuration, easy setup and quick reaction to situations at hand.

The Newtec BWC0900 Bandwidth Canceller combines forward and return satellite transmissions in the same satellite bandwidth and achieves up to 30% efficiency gain in Point-to-Point and Point-to Multi point Satellite links.

Key features

  • Supports multiple bandwidths up to 72 MHz
  • Supports multiple network configuration types: SCPC, MCPC and inclined orbit
  • Compliant with Newtec FlexACM
  • Operating Frequencies: IF70MHz, IF140MHz and L-band
  • Remote Management and Monitoring tools

Main advantages

  • First-in-class cancellation performance with upto 30% efficiency gain
  • Multiple satellite network configuration options
  • Lower operational costs and room for extra service within same available bandwidth
  • Fast Return-on-Investment
  • Modem & physical layer agnostic (best performance with Newtec IP professional equipment)