Newtec Outdoor Unit Portfolio – VSAT BUCs and LNBs

Outdoor Unit Portfolio (BUC & LNB)

The Outdoor Unit (ODU) portfolio from Newtec consists of leading edge block upconverters (BUC) and Low Nose Block Downconverters (LNB) which deliver outstanding RF performance with MDM31000 and MDM3300 indoor units The MDM3100 return technology is compatible with fully saturated BUCs. So, on top of the power efficient BUC technology, the saturated output power gives even higher power efficiency.

Ease Of Installation

The ODU Portfolio is compatible with Point and Play easy-installation technology, supporting the installation of the complete terminal by installers without any specific qualification or expensive tooling. The Newtec BUCs feature standard plus extended Ku-band uplink range, covering 13.75 –14.5 GHz contiguously. The single Newtec LNB can be used for all three Ku-band downlink sub-bands of Euro Low, Americas & Euro High (10.7 – 12.75 GHz). Under control of the MDM3100 the LNB can be switched across two L-band ranges through DiSEqC (22KHz tone).

Compact Design

As a consequence of the highly power efficient BUC design and operation, less heat needs to be diffused. This results in a highly compact and light weight solution.