Newtec Sat3Play IP Broadband Hub System

Sat3Play DVB-S2 Satellite Hub

The versatile Newtec Sat3Play is a highly advanced VSAT satellite hub designed for IP applications over satellite in full compliance with DVB-S2 and the new upcoming S2-Extensions for improved performance and cutting edge modulation technology

The Sat3Play IP Broadband Hub provides the entire required infrastructure to receive and transmit IP data from and to the remote terminals. It includes support for multi-gateway and multi-spotbeam configurations. The Hub manages the services offered to the customers in terms of Quality of Service, security and terminal population. It provides connectivity to the internet, private data networks, SIP or PSTN networks.

The core component of the system is the Hub, which transmits a DVB-S2 carrier with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the forward link received by all remote terminals. The remote terminals use MF-TDMA channels to communicate with the Hub. A Hub consists of one or more carrier blades including all equipment for the forward link, the corresponding return links and all additional traffic shaping and acceleration functionality. A carrier blade can be operated on Ka-, Ku-, C- or any other frequency band.

Network Scalability

The architecture and accompanied CAPEX investment model suits a smooth growth of the network. The satellite connectivity infrastructure is easy to install and enables immediate service deployment and large scale rollout.

Multiple Virtual Network Operators (VNO)

The Newtec Sat3Play management features the concept of multiple Virtual Network Operators, allowing network operators to wholesale parts of the system infrastructure and capacity to several Service Providers. Unique remote management tools allow these Service Providers to independently manage, control and monitor their resources in terms of subscriber management, QoS, terminal population, accounting and diagnostics.

Low Operational Cost

Sat3Play offers high network efficiency reducing satellite capacity OPEX and an easy to operate hub minimizes operational expenditures. Newtec’s Network Optimisation technology enhances the IP performance of the system through traffic acceleration and compression. This results in a true broadband experience and reduces the required bandwidth. The work flow based network management focusses on the entire transaction and not just single or partial transaction. It results in proper management of the specific configuration item and minimizes the operational overhead. Through the northbound interface operational tasks like reporting, accounting, terminal provisioning and bandwidth management can be fully automated and seamlessly integrated with OSS/BSS infrastructure.