Newtec Satcom AZ201 Universal Redundancy Switch Extension Unit

AZ201 Redundancy Extension Unit

The Newtec AZ201 Universal Redundancy Switch Extension Unit is used in combination with the AZ200 internal switching modules for complex redundant configurations. Up to eight extension units can be connected to the main unit.

Switching can be done automatically through alarm contacts, manually through the front panel or the dedicated web interface, or remotely via a monitoring and control system. When the automatic mode is activated, the AZ201 monitors continuously the set of parameters governing the switching operation in order to activate the redundant path while triggering the loading of parameters from memory.

The 201 series provides a wide range of switching capabilities for almost any input and output signals used in satellite communications. The range of switchable signals include ASI, G.703, SDH, HSSI or IP interfaces, as well as IF, L-band or RF band signals.