Newtec Satcom Dialog Platform VSAT Hubs

Dialog Platform Hubs

Newtec Dialog Platform Hubs are revolutionary VSAT platforms which enable a wide range of business-to-consumer, B2B and government satcom applications over a single versatile satellite communications system covering both fixed and mobile environments.

The core of the platform is the hub which is designed to be a fully scalable and flexible multiservice solution. The unsurpassed scalability and flexibility is fully exposed through the NMS which makes it perfectly suited for basic star networks with just a few terminals up to complex networks with multiple spot beams accessed from multiple gateways with many thousands of terminals.

The versatile modem portfolio provides the right performance, application-specific characteristics and price point for a wide range of targeted applications.

The Dialog platform functionality can be continuously increased through software upgrades which maximize the hub and modem equipment investment..



This platform offers multiple hub types providing reliable hub infrastructure for different network configurations and scale. Each hub provides flexibility and modularity facilitating the growth of networks and the addition of services. Service providers and operators can build their business to the market need and size they need it. As a result of the low upfront CAPEX, they can invest as their business grows.

The hubs support multiple satellites, multiple frequency bands, regular and spot beam satellites. The hub easily integrates with the ‘IP backbone’ router and the RF gateway up/downlink. Optional redundancy can provide better than 99.99% availability.

Remote Modems

The modem series optimally matches the wide variety of market and application requirements. The modems share a wide range of key features and can be easily mixed in a single satellite network. Full terminals are offered by Newtec while the modems have also been certified with several application-specific antennas for maritime and Communication On The Pause (COTP).


Key Features

  • Highly efficient DVB-S2/DVB-S2X ACM in the forward link
  • SCPC, MF-TDMA and Newtec Mx-DMA return link technology on a single forward
  • Fully integrated, connecting directly to IP and RF uplink and including:
    • Forward link equipment (IF or L-band)
    • Return link equipment (L-band)
    • Traffic and QoS management
    • Acceleration/Compression/Encryption
    • Newtec Dialog NMS
  • Advanced hierarchical QoS management
  • Extensive networking/routing capabilities, easy integration into terrestrial network

HUB6501 1IF, Small Scale, Dedicated Networks

  • One satellite network, up to 250 terminals
  • Up to 150 Mbps of satellite capacity
  • Includes all traffic processing functionality
  • Optional redundancy
  • Lowest initial investment for small networks
  • Low cost infrastructure for dedicated hubs e.g. customer premises or in country

HUB6504 4IF, Gateway Deployments

  • Single rack
  • Up to four satellite networks
  • Up to 800 Mbps of satellite capacity, including all traffic processing
  • Up to 133 Mbaud forward carriers
  • Carrier grade reliability with built-in redundancy
  • Low initial cost, pay-as-you-grow

XIF Hub, Large Gateway Deployments

  • Highly flexible and scalable gateway architecture
  • Optimized baseband density & flexibility with baseband matrix
  • Up to 500 Mbaud forward carriers
  • Carrier grade reliability with built-in redundancy
  • Pay-as-you-grow