Newtec Satcom FRC0720 L-Band to IF Downconverter

FRC0720 L-Band to IF Downconverter

The Newtec FRC0720 is a high performance synthesized downconverter designed for a wide range of broadcast, telco and IP satellite applications. In its default configuration it down converts L-band (950– 2150 MHz) to IF signals (70 or 140 MHz).

The IF frequency is switchable from 70 MHz to 140 MHz and the L-band frequency is adjustable in steps of 48 Hz. The high output frequency stability is provided by an internal 10 MHz reference clock. For applications requiring a very high frequency stability, such as very low data rate carriers, an optional 0,01 ppm stability reference clock can be ordered separately.

A switchable DC power supply and a reference frequency on the L-band output are also available as options, providing a compact and cost-effective solution when the FRC0730 is used in combination with an outdoor RF Upconverter and/or amplifier. Optionally, an LNB power supply, a frequency band selection signal and a 10MHz reference frequency can be delivered to an LNB via the L-band input.