Newtec Satcom FRC0740 L-Band Block Upconverter

FRC0740 L-Band Upconverter

The Newtec FRC0740 L-band Block Upconverter is an ultra High Performance frequency conversion solution designed for a massive range of Broadcast, Telco and IP satellite applications and translates frequencies from L-band to a huge range of RF frequencies such as C-, Ku- and DBS-band.

The FRC0740 guarantees the best signal quality thanks to a very high frequency stability and very low spurious characteristics and is the ideal solution when the Block Upconverter cannot be included in the modulator.

It also features a 30-dB variable gain control on one L-band input and one L-band monitoring output. There is a second input with fixed 10-dB gain. The signals on the two L-band inputs can be combined inside the unit before being up-converted. The high output frequency stability is provided by an internal 10 MHz reference clock. For applications requiring a very high frequency stability (such as for very low data rate carriers), an optional very high stability reference clock can be ordered.

The active L-band Combiner and Block Upconverter is primarily designed to bring together several L-band carriers in a single satellite channel. To equalize the level of the incoming signals, each input has its own amplifier/ attenuator.