Newtec Satcom FRC0750 Active L-Band Combiner Upconverter

FRC0750 Active Combiner Block Upconverter

The Newtec Satcom FRC0750 Active L-band Combiner and Block Upconverter is primarily designed to bring together several L-band carriers in a single satellite channel. To equalize the level of the incoming signals, each input has its own amplifier/ attenuator.

The FRC0750 can also be used as an active switching device for signal routing purposes or redundancy switching operations. In its default configuration, it combines up to four different L-band signals into one L-band signal. As an option it is possible to combine up to eight different L-band signals within the same unit.

A DC power supply and a reference frequency are also available on the L-band output, providing a compact and cost-effective solution when the FRC is used in combination with an outdoor RF upconverter and/or amplifier. This upconverter can be delivered with an integrated block upconverter as an option. In this configuration, the 750 series converts the L-band output signal of the combiner to C-, Ku- or DBS-band and is also extremely easy to operate and monitor. All control and monitoring parameters are available locally on the front panel and remotely through a web interface. It is also possible to control or monitor via Newtec’s proprietary RMCP protocol or via SNMP.