Newtec Satcom HUB6000 DVB-S2 IP Satellite System

HUB6000 IP DVB-S2 Satellite Hub

The versatile Newtec HUB6000 is the next generation satellite hub designed for IP applications over satellite in full compliance with DVB-S2 and the upcoming S2-Extensions candidates for improved performance. The HUB6000 merges cutting edge modulation with the unique combination of IP shaping and satellite segment bandwidth management. The multi‐carrier demodulator unit inside the hub integrates three S2/S2 Extensions demodulators in one unit which greatly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Core RF Efficiency

This satellite hub embeds the award-winning FlexACM module. FlexACM combines a set of advanced technologies which work together to ensure the satellite link is operating at full efficiency.

These advanced technologies include Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), Cross-Layer Optimization, Noise & Distortion Estimator (NoDE) and Thin Margin Manager (ThiMM). All of them individually reduce the satellite link margin and contribute to optimize the IP link.

New modulation and Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes up to 64APSK 9/10 (which can be seen as demonstrators for evolutions in extending the DVB-S2 standard) in combination with innovative technologies such as wideband (up to 72Mbaud), Clean Channel Technology, and Automated Equalink are embedded in the hub and bring the satellite link to full efficiency. By increasing the amount of data that can be transferred per transponder the 6000 series effectively increases business opportunities for Service Providers.

The performance can be increased even more by adding Newtec’s bandwidth cancellation and network optimization technologies such as TCP acceleration and compression.

Optimal availability

Newtec’s auto-adaptive technology FlexACM embedded in the system deals with fading conditions (rain, dust, interference) and inclined orbit satellites with varying throughput patterns.

Thanks to FlexACM these fading conditions will no longer interrupt the transmission between the hub and remote sites nor result in loss of data. The maximum possible throughput can be achieved at all times in accordance with Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.

Thanks to the Automatic Uplink Power Control feature it is possible to also combat uplink fading leading to even higher SLAs.

Flexible VSAT Networks

It provides a scalable and flexible platform which allows the customers to grow depending on their application and investment plan.

This brings the unique bandwidth manager feature where both the IP and satellite segment can be shaped. Individual customers are added or removed from the same network. Different services (Internet Access, VoIP, etc.) can be combined in the same satellite carrier with separate Service Level Agreement requirements and rate options. Both Committed Information Rates and Peak Rates are offered in an adaptive environment at various speeds.

The hub can be set-up to match the size and the satellite network configuration (one-way or two-way) independent of speed rate, modulation and amount of return links. Through Gigabit Ethernet interface this hub integrates seamlessly with terrestrial IP networks and equipment. Moreover the hub can be coupled with any industry standard EMS/NMS system.

Key Features

  • DVB-S2 compliant
  • Candidate S2 Extensions and MODCODs
  • QPSK/8PSK/16APSK/32APSK and 64APSK
  • Baud rate range: 1 – 72 Mbaud
  • Data rates up to 380 Mbps
  • FlexACM for adaptive environments
  • GSE encapsulation, data piping encapsulation
  • All outbound MODCODs and baud rates enabled by default
  • RFI reduction using optional DVB RF Carrier ID (DVB-CID)
  • Supports Committed (CIR) and Peak (PIR) Information rate policies (even in ACM)
  • Adaptive traffic shaping and bandwidth management
  • Shaping hierarchies can be changed on-the-fly
  • Clean Channel Technology
  • Automated linear Equalink Pre-distortion
  • Network Optimization (acceleration & compression)
  • Automatic Uplink Power Control

Main advantages

  • Lower operational costs thanks to the highest bandwidth efficiency
  • Automated Equalink pre-distortion provides up to 10% bandwidth gains and higher Quality of Service
  • Optimal availability even in fading conditions or with services over inclined orbit satellites
  • Based on DVB-S2 standards and S2X Extension candidates for better efficiency (up to 37%)
  • Clean Channel Technology provides up to 15% bandwidth efficiency gains on top of the DVB-S2 standard
  • Maximum efficiency in combination with bandwidth cancellation and network optimization technologies
  • Easy integration with terrestrial IP networks and routers
  • Unique combination of IP Shaping and satellite bandwidth management

Network Architecture

Depending on the application and the activated features, the 6000 series can be used in conjunction with professional modems such as the MDM6000.

  • Supports Committed (CIR) and Peak (PIR) Information rate policies (even in ACM)
  • Adaptive traffic shaping and bandwidth management
  • Shaping hierarchies can be changed on-the-fly
  • Clean Channel Technology
  • Automated linear Equalink Pre-distortion
  • Network Optimization (acceleration & compression)
  • Automatic Uplink Power Control


  • Trunking networks
  • IP Access networks
  • Backhauling networks
  • Government networks
  • Content Contribution and Distribution over IP
  • Corporate networks

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FlexACM: is the unique and market proven end-to-end solution combining a range of technologies to maximise the efficiency of IP applications over adaptive satellite links at optimal efficiency

S2-Extensions: are the candidate improvements in the upcoming DVB-S2 standard, including higher baudrates (up to 72 Mbaud), modcods (64APSK), wideband (up to 72 Mbaud), smaller roll-off factors (5%, 10%, 15%) improving overall efficiency

Equalink: Provides significant improvements by pre-distorting the modulated signal resulting in 10% bandwidth gains and higher Quality of Service

Clean Channel Technology: further improves satellite efficiency by up to 15% compared to the current DVB-S2 standard by implementing smaller roll-offs (5%, 10%, 15%), optimum carrier spacing and advanced filter technology.

Through Cross-Layer-Optimization the satellite modulation equipment is in continuous interaction with Acceleration, Compression, Bandwidth Management and IP Shaping technology. As soon as a satellite link condition changes the link will be auto-optimised following Quality-of-Service and Priority Settings without the loss of data or link.

Bandwidth Cancellation: by combining the forward and return transmissions in the same satellite bandwidth extra capacity can be made available

Thin Margin Manager (ThiMM): allows setting of a target BER of the link and provides an accurate prediction of the upcoming variation (depth and direction) of the link condition. As a result, the excess link margin can be kept to the absolute minimum and further increase the efficiency of the link.

Noise & Distortion Estimator (NoDE): provides the estimation of the amount of linear and non-linear distortion on the received signal in order to provide the real satellite link margin and helps FlexACM to work at maximum accuracy