Newtec Satcom OM6000 Satellite Modulator Board

OM6000 Modulator

The Newtec OM6000 modulator board has been designed for both DVB contribution and distribution. It handles baud rates from 0.05 up to 72 MBaud applicable to all modulation compliant to DVB-S2X. Both the high data rate (72 MBaud) and the choice of modulation standards and modulation schemes allow it to work in full compliance with the most recent commercially available IRD’s and demodulators.

This product provides the OEM integrator a smooth upgrade path starting as a drop-in replacement for current functionality (Form Fit Function backward compatible with NTC/7029, NTC/7039 and NTC/7139) and moving towards Newtec state of the art technology features. A new logical JSON-RPC based management interface is introduced, replacing the legacy RMCP protocol. This interface can be accessed through a couple of physical interfaces: serial as used for RMCP or serial and Ethernet as used for JSON-RPC, depending on the interposer board.

Being fully compliant with the new S2 Extensions standard for Digital Video Broadcasting over Satellite (DVB-S2X), the Newtec satellite modulator board OM6000 offers the following advantages:

• Backward compatible to the former NTC/7029, NTC/7039 and NTC/7139 OEM modulator boards in form-fit-function
• IF or L-band output selectable by software command
• Clean Channel Technology compliant
• Support for all Newtec S2 Extensions modulations and DVB-S, DVB-DSBNG and DVB-S2 standards
• Addition of a simple ASI interface
• RF Carrier ID compliant (fully managed by the OM6000).

Key Features

  • Supports Newtec S2 Extensions and ModCods up to 64APSK and the new DVB-S2X standard
  • Baud-Rate range: 0.05 – 72 MBaud
  • Frequency ranges: 950-2150 MHz (extended L-band) and 50-90 and 100-180 MHz (IF-band), selectable by a software command – see options list
  • Best in class spectral purity
  • RF Carrier ID (DVB-CID)
  • Legacy RMCP interface for backward compatibility or JSONRPC alike management interface
  • On-board reference