Newtec Satcom USS0212 1+1 Redundant Switching System

USS0212 Universal Switch

The Newtec USS0212 Universal Redundancy Switch is a state-of-the-art product designed to provide a cost effective and scalable 1+1 protection scheme for modulators, demodulators and modems.

The USS0212 has a set of advanced features which guarantees a very low switching time significantly increasing the service availability. This enables the cost effective implementation of reliable IP protection schemes requested by modern IP headend architecture. The switch and the switch back operations between the main and the spare modulator can be done automatically through alarm contacts, manually through the front panel, a dedicated web GUI, or remotely via a monitoring and control system.

When the automatic mode is activated, the switch continuously monitors the protected devices. When there is an alarm, the USS0212 triggers a redundancy switch towards the devices, in line with rules defined by the set of parameters governing the switching operation.

This redundancy switch is extremely easy to install, configure, control and operate. The web interface presents an intuitive synoptic view of the setup and the SNMP interface allows simple integration into NMS systems