Newtec Satcom WGS Satellite Modem MDM9000

MDM9000 WGS Satellite Modem

The Newtec Satcom WGS certified MDM9000 Satellite Modem is completely optimized for a massive range of mobile and fixed government and defense applications over satellite. It’s typically installed at both ends of a point-to-point satellite link or at the remote sites of a star network.

The unit can act as a modulator, demodulator or modem depending on the network configuration and integrates seamlessly with terrestrial networks and equipment. The modem is in full compliance with the DVB-S2 and the recently released DVB-S2X standards while being backward compatible with Newtec S2 Extensions mode, all in order to achieve barrier-breaking efficiency at maximum service availability. In receiver mode, the MDM9000 serves as demodulator with dedicated intelligence gathering features.

RF Efficiency at the core

The 9000 series satellite modem combines a number of innovative elements to improve current market available efficiencies, thereby lowering the overall Total Cost of Ownership. New modulation and Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes up to 256APSK in the DVB-S2X standard in combination with innovative technologies such as 133 Mbaud, Clean Channel Technology, Bandwidth Cancellation (BWC), Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC), FlexACM, QoS, and Equalink 3 are embedded in the modem and bring the satellite link to full efficiency. The performance can be increased even more by adding Newtec’s network optimization technologies such as acceleration, compression, shaping and bandwidth management. By increasing the amount of data that can be transferred per transponder this modem caters for data and video hungry applications such as ISR, MWR, data backhaul, strategical links and disaster recovery networks.

Advanced Reliability

Newtec’s auto-adaptive technology FlexACM is incorporated in the modem by default and deals with fading conditions (rain, dust, interference) and inclined orbit satellites with varying throughput. Thanks to FlexACM these fading conditions will no longer interrupt the transmission between the hub and remote sites nor result in loss of data. The
maximum possible throughput can be achieved at all times.

Additionally the Automatic Uplink Power Control mechanism can ensure maximum use of the linkbudget at all times. In case of link loss due to full shadowing effects, the quick reacquisition feature inside the modem will reactivate the transmission in milliseconds after the satellite link becomes available again.

Point to Multipoint Network Configuration Diagram