X-band, 80W-175W

The IBUC R has all of the advanced IBUC features and the upgraded RJ45 M&C connector.

IBUC offers significant benefits:

• Low terminal cost
• Simple design and installation
• Superior RF performance
• Simplified 1+1 configuration

New interfaces connect you to extensive M&C facilities for network management or local access. This powerful new M&C enables::

• Trouble-free commissioning with easy, point-and-click installation/configuration
• Continuous verification of performance with time-stamped alarm history
• Simplified monitoring of terminal status

The IBUC comes with a complete set of diagnostic tools including:

• 10 MHz input detector
• Input voltage and current monitoring
• Transmit L-band input level detector
• Transmit RF output level detector
• User configurable thresholds and alarms

IBUC Advantages

• Integrated BUC/SSPA for higher performance and reliability.
• Upgraded with a weatherized RJ45 M&C interface connect-or for simplified cable instal-lation.
• All models available with integral AC power supply or separate DC power supply.
• Internal 10MHz reference option automatically switches to internal reference when external reference is not detected.
• NMS-friendly interfaces ena-ble remote management of your earth station RF.
• Embedded Web pages pro-vide management for small networks using any Web browser.
• AGC or ALC circuits hold gain or output level constant.
• 30 dB User-adjustable gain in 0.1 dB steps preserves mo-dem dynamic range.
• Output sample port included.

Advanced user interfaces:

• TCP/IP HTTP with embed-ded Web pages
• TELNET through TCP/IP
• FSK through TX IFL cable
• RS232/485 serial port
• Hand-held terminal